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China’s Migrant Children

In this YES! magazine article, adapted from Lily Yeh’s book, Awakening Creativity: Dandelion School Blossoms, learn about the hardships and successes of the children of China’s migrant workers. A chance meeting in 2003 brought me together with Zheng Hong. Zheng Hong, who holds a PhD in Paleontology, had just earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration […]

Money From Above | Angell Foundation

Quoted text from the Angell Foundation Web site.  The Angell Foundation (named after its founders David and Lynn Angell), funds organizations that support youth, education, spirituality, social justice, and the arts with the mission of helping people empower themselves. Youth: Funding for youth goes to programs that support young people’s ability to reach their educational […]

The Good News for 2011

Original article written by Claudia Horwitz (with contributors: Erin Dale, Gita Gulati-Partee, Russell Herman, Claudia Horwitz, Margot Horwitz, Jennifer Jackson, Chad Jones, Sean Kosfosky, Becca Krantz, Danyelle O’Hara, Tema Okun, and Marian Urquilla) for the December 2011 stone circles blog.  It’s impressive to see the many things for social change that folks accomplished in 2011. This fantastic […]

Grantmakers & Grantees | The Strong Survive

Grantmakers and grantees work in a symbiotic process to push forth one mission. For those of us in the social change arena that’s usually some form of social or environmental equanimity. GEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, believe that with certain practices on the part of grantmakers, nonprofits could actually become stronger and effect more change. […]

On the Soft Underbellies of Mollusks…

1. I think I know the moment when I learned what love is. I was 22 years old. I was on my third or fourth date with the woman who would later become my life partner. My wife. The mother of my children, my closest friend. And then my ex-wife. And then my personal and […]

revolution in review | a year of change

transform. evolved from a simple newsletter (to) reflecting upon and lifting up the emerging field and movement that has become known as Transformative Social Change…these ten essays from the last year tell the tale of the movement that was (and is) to come.

The Day When Nothing Was Good Enough…

Once I was on a dating website. It was one of those ones that asks you a million questions and uses a complex algorithm to find matches. Better living through data mining and all that. One of the 656 questions I answered publicly was this one: “If you don’t do anything for an entire day, […]

quote | Ernesto “Che” Guevara

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. — Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Argentine Revolutionary

Bill Allowing Government to Shut Down Web sites

Considering all of the ways that the Internet has brought folks together, left people better informed, and fueled the Occupy movement’s growth, the idea that the government wants to control it feels a little 1984. SOPA is supposedly a copyright infringement law, but it reads like something else. Check out the Vimeo video to better understand […]

Inside an Occupy Affinity Group

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss Our new Occupy Affinity Group (AG) recently met at “Mr. Mom’s” comfortable home. His four-month-old daughter mostly sleeps in a nearby swinging crib. Sometimes she rises and nestles into his chest, occasionally spitting up a white, milky substance over his dark shirt. This evokes memories, as well as a […]

If You Want to Be a Rebel, Be Kind

The police had declared Monday, November 14th of 2011 as the day of the raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment.  It was the first Occupy site to call for a general strike that shut down the fifth largest port in the country; it was also the first Occupy gathering to report a shooting and a […]

newDharma Talk | The 2nd Noble Truth

In this dharma talk, we get a chance to understand the nuances of the Second Noble Truth as well as the various ways that we hang onto the things we’re comfortable with and distract ourselves from the many things we don’t want to look at. For our own sakes we are reminded that the Buddha, […]