newDharma Talk | The 2nd Noble Truth

In this dharma talk, we get a chance to understand the nuances of the Second Noble Truth as well as the various ways that we hang onto the things we’re comfortable with and distract ourselves from the many things we don’t want to look at. For our own sakes we are reminded that the Buddha, like us, was just trying to find his way. And did.

“I love it when people say, I’m not strong enough. I tell them, Well, you have carried an awful lot of stuff for somebody who’s not strong. Don’t sell yourself short. You carried all that baggage. Once you let some of that go you can carry the world.

“That’s what this path is about. Release some of your burden and you can carry things as warriors are meant to do. You could begin to help carry the burden of the world. You can do it seeing clearly and not mistaking your stuff for their stuff and their stuff for your stuff and kind of mixing it all into one big mess. As a warrior you’re clear about it and it’s very clean. You’re doing it out of a place of willingness and a place of intention and a place of showing up and, yeah, there’s expanse, there’s contraction. If it just stays expansive, you have either slipped over the edge into la-la land or you’re just fooling yourself.”

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