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Here are a wide variety of things to explore on yoga–including teachers and classes which are podcast so that you can practice in your own home.

The Secrets of Yoga

Everything you wanted to know about yoga, but never asked. This Web site includes yoga articles, videos, a chat room, positions, yoga for seniors… You can also find a yoga studio any where in the country, look up the history of yoga or use the directory to find a teacher.

Yoga Everywhere & Yoga Finder

These two directories will help you find classes, teachers, and retreat centers wherever you are. Yoga Finder includes international events, trainings, and retreats.

Hugger Mugger: Yoga Gear

Environmentally friendly and committed to excellent products, Hugger Mugger is a great place to get all kinds of yoga gear.

 Kelly Morris Classes: Free

Enjoy these free classes (intermediate/advanced) by New York’s most popular yoga instructor.

 Yoga Peeps

There are up to 85 episodes included here of podcasts by a variety of yoga instructors. If you’re interested in teachers who practice particular methods–prenatal yoga or vinyasas, for instance–check out what they have to say here.

The Yoga Basics

Great information for beginners as well as some very detailed blog articles on helpful and interesting topics everyone would be interested in.


Learn how to teach yoga built with a social justice framework in mind.





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