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Instead of looking at wellness as something that’s just about eating well and exercising, these links also include resources about mental/emotional well being. The Institute of HeartMath and Harvard University’s Center for Wellness are both resources that connect body and mind.

Vitamin D Deficiencies

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones. It helps the body use calcium from the foods that we eat. Increasingly, research is revealing the importance of vitamin D in protecting against a host of health problems. Follow the link to learn more about how vitamin D deficiency is soaring in the U.S.

Institute of HeartMath

We tend to believe that the brain is in charge of the body. Research from the Institute of HeartMath suggests something much, much different–that, in fact, the heart has a strong influence on the brain. So perhaps we should be saying, “I feel, therefore I am.”

Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Vedika

What’s your dosha? If you’ve never heard that word before, welcome to the world of ayurveda, an ancient healing modality that balances the energy inside our bodies based largely on the foods we eat. In order to stay balanced through the cold and windy winter months, for instance, ayurveda generally ascribes eating sweet, salty food, and fats. Here are two places where you can get educated on ayurveda as well as a quiz to find your dosha.

Harvard University Center for Wellness

Here are some quick tips for mental, emotional, and physical wellness from Harvard University. One of the tips asks folks who notoriously procrastinate to discover why they do it. If you’re interested, you can also follow the link that guides you through their programs and workshops.


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