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Quoted text from the Angell Foundation Web site. 

The Angell Foundation (named after its founders David and Lynn Angell), funds organizations that support youth, education, spirituality, social justice, and the arts with the mission of helping people empower themselves.

Youth: Funding for youth goes to programs that support young people’s ability to reach their educational goals and toward legal advocacy and vocational training.

Education: Support focuses on early childhood education and funding for education from high school to college.

Spirituality: Their funding for spirituality goes toward organizations that hold the intention of transforming people’s lives, communities, and organizations at all levels.

Social Justice: Though currently undergoing review, the Angell Foundation’s social justice funding supports organizations which “address civic, economic and environmental issues.”

Arts: Among other things arts funding goes toward helping create access to the arts by funding key programs and supporting organizations that create “diverse artistic experiences.” Angell Foundation supports artwork of social importance.

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