Practical Tips for Occupiers

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However you are supporting the Occupy movement, by camping, protesting or some other means, here are a few supportive links to help you keep keepin’ on. (On December 6th Occupy protestors will begin Occupying foreclosed homes with the intention of making this the next step in the movement: Occupy Wall Street Goes Home.)

Resources for Small Town Occupations

While Occupiers in larger cities are finding themselves forced from their encampments by the police, often, only, to re-Occupy, many smaller encampments are able to stick it out. Here is a plethora of helpful information covering what is most needed and most practical.

Beyond Encampments

Occupy Movement Book: This Changes Everything 

These two resources from YES! magazine cover suggestions for continuing to make the Occupy Movement grow as well as a book, edited by edited by Sarah van Gelder and YES! staff, on how Occupy is changing how people see themselves.

A Message from Common Dreams’s Naomi Klein

“Let’s treat each other as if we plan to work side by side in struggle for many, many years to come. Because the task before us will demand nothing less.” Read this inspiring message from Naomi Klein about the importance of the Occupy Movement.




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