Tools for Being the Change

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Giving a nod to the people we’ve interviewed over the past year for our agents, allies, and activist section, these resources are related to their organizations and the kind of changes they intend to create in the world. Link onto the name and organization to read the piece. Check out the links below to explore a variety of resources from books to blogs.





Cara Page | Kindred

Resources for collective cultural healing for mind, body, and spirit

Northeast Radical Healthcare

Coming to Grips with Racism

Working Cure: Healing, Health, and Culture on Southern Slave Plantations

ICTC Midwives






Wendy Palmer | Conscious Embodiment

Resources on leadership, aikido, and self-mastery

Alia Institute

Aikido Resources 

Mastery: The Keys to Success & Long Term Fulfillment





Navina Khanna | Live Real

Resources for sustainable foods & sustainable farms

Sustainable Food News

Local Harvest

ALBA Farmers

American Farmland Trust





Michael Meade | Mosaic

Resources from Mosaic & resources on the art of storytelling

Books by Michael Meade & Mosaic Community 

Michael Meade’s Huffington Blog Post

Mosaic Digital Downloads

Five Storytelling Tips






Sarah Crowell | Destiny Arts

Resources on nurturing peace and nonviolence in our youth

Student Peace Action Network 

The Freechild Project






Katchie Ananda | Yoga Sangha

Resources for supporting the development of the hearts and minds of people in prison

Yoga in Prisons

Prisons That Work

Prison Yoga Project






Majora Carter | Majora Carter Group

Resources for greening the urban landscape

Green Building 

Green Remodeling

Rooftop Gardens






Michael Nagler | Metta Center for Nonviolence

Resources for nonviolent action

The Essential Gandhi

Nonviolence Study Guide

Nonviolent Films






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