newDharma Talk | How to Practice | Getting Out of the Way of Change

We all want to change in some way, whether that means stopping a bad habit or changing a fundamental behavior. And we come up with a slew of excuses to explain why we haven’t changed: The conditions are all wrong. We haven’t got the money, the time, the support. It’s easier to do that than to come to grips with how we show up (or don’t show up) for ourselves. Learning how to practice and face the things we run from is what creates change in our lives. 

“When you ask somebody to tell you about somebody else, they don’t tell you what they’ve done, they tell you how they be: They’re like this. They’re very kind. They’re very scratchy. She’s fairly difficult…Rather detailed…Very exuberant. Actually, kind of dull, a little bit listless…no one gives you the list of “they meant to do this; they intended to make this kind of change.” What they tell you is not what they did but the pattern that shows up in terms of who they are. The pattern because the content disappears, because it’s the pattern of our behavior that leaves an imprint upon people as to who we are…

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