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Generative Somatics supports social justice folks in unveiling things that keep their limiting beliefs in place, things which interfere with the work they’re doing to change the world. Their programs are life changing and this year they are launching a new Web site (up on January 15th) that will include: “course descriptions, [Generative Somatics] papers and theory, movement partners,” and more.

In the meantime, consider signing up for one of their 2012 courses, which for the first time will be taking place  in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Seattle.

Some of the things you’ll learn in their somatics & trauma (S&T) program are:

• Learn to recognize and work with symptoms of trauma including dissociation, numbing, hypervigilance, lack of boundaries, control, physiological “armoring,” as intelligent responses to trauma.

• Learn somatic processes for redeveloping safety, protection and alliance.

• Learn the somatic processes of releasing how the body holds trauma, and processing the emotional and traumatic response.

• Integrate specialized somatic touch as an essential aspect of healing from trauma.

• Develop a somatic understanding of the overall process of recovery from trauma and the ability to guide another through the process.

• Learn the somatic processes of relearning connection, boundaries, mutuality, empowerment, contradiction, intimacy and being present in the unknown.

• Develop a somatic understanding of the impact of trauma including both personal trauma as well as traumas caused by social oppression.

• Develop an understanding of the individual and social context of trauma and its relevance to the healing process.

• Learn to look at yourself and others from a somatic vantage point. This will offer new interpretations of people’s behavior, of the change process and create different opportunities for transformation.

• Develop your capacity to be present amidst deep emotion and transformation.

• Work with your own history of trauma, if that is your experience, and develop it as a resource in your own work.

• Learn to take care of and resource yourself as a practitioner who interacts with personal and social trauma intimately.

If you’re interested, you can find out more and download an application on January 15 at:

For an S&T application before January 15, or if you have any questions, please contact

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