Release and Manifest for 2012

image by Zochi Alonzo Young


The newDharma Community bid farewell to 2011 and ushered in 2012 with a New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony and Meditation. Over forty folks, of all ages and backgrounds, from the Bay and beyond, gathered at CXC and set their intentions to release what was no longer needed and to manifest what was to come.

The Release Ceremony was co-conducted by Karen Muktayani “Muki” Villanueva  and Rev. angel Kyodo williams, and entailed an evening of thoughtful conversation, connection, and ritual.

image by Zochi Alonzo Young

Participants were encouraged to commit to paper those things they wished to release. A roaring bonfire was prepared, sweetened with sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender to receive all of the participants’ offerings. Participants also committed to paper those things that they wish to manifest for auspicious 2012 and were encouraged to hold these intentions throughout the coming year.

image by Zochi Alonzo Young

A silent, sitting meditation followed, sealing the intention.  At the stroke of midnight, Rev. angel sounded 108 bells, marking the new year, followed by joyful noisemaking and merry-making.

Hearty homemade food, drink, and conversation were shared afterwards, well into the new year.  All in all, it was a fantastic way to start 2012.


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