january 2012


Winter Cleansing

Avoid seasonal illness this winter by adopting a cleansing and detoxification plan. This article focuses on eating raw foods as a means of cleansing the body. There are some very interesting desert options as well.  The reader will also find links to additional information on internal and external benefits as well.

 Winter Cleansing and Detoxing, Why Should You, How To, Plus the Truth about Constipation, Prolapse of the Traverse Colon, Mucoid Plaque and Autointoxication Are They a Hoax, Quackery or a Cancer Time Bomb?

The title of this blog post from Paul’s Health blog says it all. Here you will learn more about preventing serious health complications and deep cleansing methods to help the body rid itself of of deadly poisons. Read this if you want to live.

Winter Cleanse | Recipe for Kicharee

Kicharee is an Indian dish made from the green mung beans. It is soy free, wheat free and vegan. Here, you’ll find directions for preparing all the ingredients and directions on how to cook this dish which is designed to restore and heal the body.

 Winter Detox, Brain and Immune Boosting Cold Remedy

This is a short article on natural and simple ways to make immune boosting cold remedies.


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