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For hundreds of years, eschatologists have sought after some signal of the beginning of the end. The Mayan calendar’s indication of 5,125 year cycle of the fourth world–the one we are currently–coming to an end on December 21, 2012, has generated speculation and New Age hype for as long as we can remember.

Sumerians, Babylonians, the Book of Mormons, Nostradamus and many ancient mythologies have all been interpreted to forecast events of destruction for this year. Add to that a blockbuster Hollywood movie complete with a fictional institute warning people to “prepare for the end of the world,” and there you have it: The end is near.


The idea of impending Doomsday has been foisted upon this year from so many directions, it’s just enough to give even the most suspect of us just a bit of pause. But what has also been forecast is the beginning of an age of transformation. This Age of Aquarius beckons higher awareness and shifts in consciousness that signal an evolutionary leap forward.

2012 presents an opportunity that we, as a collective, are privileged to see arising. Owing to the glaring institutional breakdowns, governmental failures and corporate crises of the last few years, a new worldview is finally possible.

Far from being a year of ends, 2012 can be a new beginning.

This is the Year of Yes.

A time in which justice-seeking movements are not only positioned to make significant advances, but are also viewed more favorably by more people stateside than anytime since the Civil Rights Era. With the man behind the curtain so clearly revealed, the masses are once again increasingly wakeful allies rather than sleep-walking adversaries. I am reminded that This is Our Time.

The Occupy Movement has revealed the sustained energy and passion–even if misdirected at times–that we have longed to believe exists amongst the People. We can use this vast well of potential to lead our movements into a state of joyful attention to each new challenge we face with a feeling of support at our backs.

We can say yes.

  • The 99% doesn’t have to be against the 1%, we can say yes to a vision that is more viable and more compelling for the 100.
  • Divesting our dollars from Big Banks, we can say yes to local banks and credit unions that have said yes to us.
  • Withdrawing our attention from negative campaigns and blame, we can direct our energies—and our presidential votes—toward forgiving mistakes made.

Yes, we can. Say yes. (Again.)

We can also say yes to the legions of social changes agents, architects and agitators that have been steadily building bridges to a future yet unknown:

  • We can say yes to organizations like Domestic Workers United that improves people’s lives in tangible ways and gives Love credit as an organizing tool.
  • We lift up initiatives that say yes to Strong Families in which every member has the opportunity to thrive.
  • Not only can we recall legislators that overstep boundaries about false borders, we can then call forth a Dream Act and say yes to dignity no matter where you were born.
  • We can even Rebuild the Dream into an America that we can say yes to because it houses, feeds, and supports the wholeness and well-being of us all.

There is good work that will transform society as we know it, happening in every city, rural and urban, large and small. Imagination, innovation and inspiration are everywhere. Let us resolve to see them flourish, amplified and brought to meaningful scale.

We can put the YES back in We Can, because we must and we will.

The fifth world is about to begin. The question is will we insist that justice and a society that works for all be its seed?

2012 is the year.

Say Yes.

—yours in truth, aKw

dedicated to all those who chose to meet life with YES.

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