Occupying the Nation’s Attention, If Not Its Cities

image credit: Jen Grantham

Occupy woke us up to the blatant truth about the relationship between the haves and the have nots. And although the tents are gone, as Scott Neuman writes in this article, the movement itself continues. What surfaced last fall will not be forgotten or dismissed. What we saw was the beginning of transformation.

Most of the tents are gone, the parks are empty and nearly 99 percent of Occupy Wall Street’s 99 percenters have gone home.

But even as the occupation enters a denouement, the nationwide movement sparked in September can claim a huge victory in the battle of ideas. Occupy has spoken, and Americans have listened.

Subjects that were largely taboo on Wall Street, Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue just six months ago have moved to center stage.

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Original article, “Occupying the Nation’s Attention, If Not Its Cities,” on NPR Web site written by Scott Neuman, posted February 1, 2012.


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