Sensory Overload | The Importance of Downtime in a Sensory Stimulating Society

image credit: Mike Gieson

Today an overstimulating environment is par for the course: Internet. Television. Traffic. iPhones. iPads. Topped off only by our endless to do lists. But overstimulation wrecks havoc on the body-mind causing us to always be on the alert, anxious, and tight so that even when there’s nothing for us to do, we still have anxiety coursing through our nervous systems. One way to turn it all off is to withdraw from the world for a while–exactly what this author recommends.

Sometimes life feels like too much. We live in a day and age that thrives on stimulation and sensory input, especially in the United States. We live in a society that believes that more is more.

As parents, we feel like we are doing a good job as long as we are stimulating our children’s brains.

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Original article, “Sensory Overload: The Importance of Downtime in a Sensory Stimulating Society,” from elephant journal, posted February 16, 2012, written by Rachel Gray-Safyurtlu & edited for elephant by Lindsay Friedman.


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