Stop a Cold in Its Tracks

image credit: Graur Razvan Ionut

‘Tis the season for colds and flu. In recognizing the signs and symptoms of imbalance and then following through with good self-care, you are honoring your body’s wisdom and communication. 

What do you do if you come down with a scratchy sore throat, body aches, fullness in your sinuses or a runny nose?

If you act fast and treat the cold aggressively, you may stop that cold or flu in 6 to 48 hours and never let it take hold.

In this article I will discuss the Ayurvedic perspective on causes of colds, signs of your susceptibility, and some easy ways to safeguard your immunity.

In addition, you will learn some great tips to try in the event that you do come down with symptoms, plus a great homemade remedy that support the immune system to stop a cold in its tracks!

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Original article appeared in The Elephant Journal (January 26, 2012), written by Dr. John Doulliard, DC.


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