Hoping for a Baby

image credit: Maare Liiv

Contributed by K.M. King

Miscarriage is not often discussed, even though it is an unfortunate part of many women’s lives. Jessica Berger Gross’s article entitled “Hoping for a Baby,” explores her journey of self-awareness through yoga after experiencing a miscarriage. Jessica’s story is unique in many ways. Her willingness to share one of the most difficult periods in one’s life with such honesty is rare. 

When Neil and I first started trying to have a baby, I expected it would happen right away, maybe even that first month. I was so confident, in fact, of my ability to become pregnant on demand that even before we put aside the box of condoms, I asked my doctor whether it would be all right for me to continue my yoga practice through the first trimester.

“Yoga?” my doctor asked. I thought I saw him stifling a chuckle.

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Original article, “Hoping for a Baby” written by Jessica Berger Gross for Yoga International magazine and posted on the Himalayan Institute.



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