april 2012

stacking stones | image credit | Michelle Meiklejohn

Martin Luther King, Jr. |  “Why I’m opposed to the war in Vietnam”

Listen to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Grammy Award winning speech (delivered on April 30, 1967) on the triple evils of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism.

Review | Yoga to the People

This review of Yoga to the People, with locations in Manhattan, Berkeley, San Francisco and Seattle, includes all of the reasons YTTP is a great place to get your yoga on. See the YTTP Web site for additional info.

Justice, Legitimacy & Self-Determination | Moral Foundations for International Law

This is the title of a not so new book by Allen E. Buchanan, of Duke University. Buchanan teaches a  basic course on human rights, focusing on controversies about the nature of human rights, the justifications for claims about the existence of human rights, the reasons for and against having an international legal human rights system, and the legitimacy of efforts to promote compliance with human rights norms. His book covers “a systematic vision of an international legal system grounded in the commitment to justice for all persons.”

6 Ways to Empower Others

This article could very well be titled “The Six Traits of an Empowering Leader”. While it includes what a  good leader does, it also includes some details on how to create leadership, such as through limiting power, rotating power, and taking responsibility. Take a look and discover how to strengthen your leadership.

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