The Power of Vulnerability | 10 Life Lessons

image credit: Erica Johnson

I’ve always said that in order to be strong Superman had to learn how to be super vulnerable. Read Lubna Salah’s post from elephant journal on the strength behind vulnerability. 

Up until the last few years, I had rejected the idea of allowing myself to be vulnerable, if even on a subconscious and cellular level.

From a young age, I had managed to push down any vulnerability or sensitivity I had in me for my own psychic survival. Looking back I realize that I suffered from some deep emotional wounds, wounds that I wouldn’t or couldn’t acknowledge. Was it because I was strong? Was it because I was stubborn? Perhaps I was both. The truth was, I no longer knew.

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Original article, “The Power of Vulnerability: 10 Life Lessons,” written by Lubna Salah and posted on elephant journal, March 3, 2012.

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