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If we could reach down to the bottom of our (soul, heart, spirit, call it what you will), then we might grasp what nerve leadership hits. It goes beyond what is best for me or what I’ve been taught or what I value. It is more than perfect obedience to an idea. It is more than playing a part. It embodies vision, consistency, reliability, the ability to see opportunity, the ability to guide others for all OUR sakes, to hold power lightly and firmly–to be fearless.

And looking around it obvious that we need leader(s). The chaos that we’ve begun to call our lives and the resistance to our humanness shows up all too often. But instead of looking for someone out there to lead us, we could make this an opportunity to look for the best in ourselves and one another (all 99% of us); we could find our own personal version of leader down the hall, next door, in the mirror, in the next cubicle.

In the past our leaderless movements have succeeded because the players fully took on what it meant to be a leader. They embodied leadership in their own lives. How can we do that more now? Each of us for all our sakes? We are all needed.

In April celebrate: Arab American Heritage Month, Passover (April 7-13), Buddha’s Birthday & Easter (April 8), Earth Day (April 22), Arbor Day (April 27).

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