newDharma Talk | Your Practice Is Your Life

 It happens time and again, we set out with the best intentions to redefine, reframe or change some aspect of our lives, and are waylaid on the path to freedom by what looks like a better route. In order to get anywhere Real practice has to lead you. You have to give it the reins even when you can come up with every reason not to. However you practice the results will manifest in your life.

“Your practice will never fit into your life. It can only be your life. Otherwise it’s just a hobby, it’s just another task, it’s just another to do, it’s another appointment. Whatever it is that your practice is–we happen to sit and do asana practice here, we happen to breathe–whatever it is, if prayer is your practice and you squeeze it in on Sundays, then it’s just another appointment. And don’t get me wrong, people go and keep their appointments for their entire lives. Just like people keep go and keep appointments with therapists for their entire lives. But the fruit has got no juice when we have that kind of relationship.”

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