newDharma Talk | A Time to Listen

How often do we heed the call of what our hearts are telling us? Most of us ignore them because the call isn’t loud, immediate, forceful. And yet there is much to learn here. There are answers in us reflecting deep wisdom which are hard to discern without effort. Here, we might find ourselves, our path, our next steps…bliss. 

Hear this dharma talk with those ears. Uncover what is true for yourself; discover what is most needed in your life.

“I want to invite each of you, during this practice period, to put your ear to your heart and to listen.

“Listen for what it is that is calling you just beneath the surface of your capacity to hear and ask yourself, as I did, What will it mean if I don’t respond? What kind of life is possible for me if I don’t respond to that call? What will I not know? Maybe even worse, what will I continue to know if I don’t listen?”

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