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Founded in 2000, Rockwood Leadership Institute’s mission is to provide individuals, organizations and networks in the social benefit sector with powerful and effective training in leadership and collaboration.

They aim to do this by:
1) Building a network of visionary, powerful leaders.
2) Developing leaders with the skills to inspire and change the world
3) Cultivating strong purpose-filled leadership
4) Changing the face of 21st-century leadership
5) Advancing sustainability and collaboration for positive change

Rockwood’s model of change operates under the premise that leadership can be taught. Their trainings center around five core practices: Purpose, Vision, Partnership, Resourcefulness, and Performance.

To date, over 2,250 people, nationwide, from over 1,200 different organizations have trained with Rockwood. We even have two Rockwood alumni here at CXC.

From 2 day refreshers to year-long trainings to multi-year fellowships, Rockwood Leadership Institute provides responsive, effective, visionary, and practical trainings to all those who are trying to change the world.

Rockwood Leadership Institute

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