Spring Cleaning in the Garden

image credit: Kevin Rosseel

We had our annual spring cleaning at the Center a couple weeks ago on a gorgeous, unexpectedly warm Northern California day.

image credit: angel Kyodo williams

Usually we go all out and tidy the garage, clean up the practice hall, and put folks to work in all of the common areas of the house. This year we focused on the garden and several community members came out to help weed, replant, trim, and shape all sorts of growing things.


image credit: angel Kyodo williams

Out of the process we’re on our way to a raised vegetable garden, trimmed horsetail, and fewer low hanging branches. Things look quite spruced up.

image credit: angel Kyodo williams

Early spring is a great time to get out and clear away old growth and dead branches. Of course, it can also be prime time to plant certain types of flowers and vegetables. If you’re inspired and want to take on your own spring cleaning, check out these links that give you tips how to get your garden ready for prime time.

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