newDharma Talk | Atonement for Creating Separation

In our day-to-day lives we might think of separation as neutral, as the thing that differentiates us from others. From a spiritual perspective separation is divisive; it is a way of thinking or acting that keeps us from knowing our whole self. And knowing who we are means looking at the parts of ourselves we deny, don’t like, would rather not deal with, would rather not reveal. This talk, posted previously, inspires us to have a long, honest look at all of who we are. Doing so is a big step on the journey toward wholeness.

“We don’t want to cling to the past and drag it with us, but we do want to learn to trust it. We do want to learn from what has already happened. And the only way we can learn from it is if we be one with it and say, Yes, this is true. This is what’s been true. And then we can say, And now I atone for it all. If I’m at-one with it now, there’s no need to have this sense of something that’s dragging behind. It just becomes part of the fullness of who we are. There’s not a separation of the thing that I did back there: Well, you know, I used to be like this. I used to do this kind of thing. I hear people say that a lot. You know, I used to be better; I used to be different. I used to be, you know, something…

“Well, if you atone—whatever it is, good, bad, different, we’re not saying these are terrible things—then you don’t have to ‘used to be,’ it just is. It just is. And it’s all brought to bear. And then we can trust ourselves.”

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