Breathing Lessons

Breath practice during your yoga class may be the last thing you’re concerned about, especially when you’re doing whatever you can to stay in downward dog. Even when the instructor reminds you to breath, you do so dutifully for a few seconds, engage ujjayi breathing, and then return to your regular breath pattern. But yoga offers some revolutionary practices for the breath which, among other things, can lead to greater mental clarity. They are practices that can change how you do yoga and how you move in the world.

When I first encountered pranayama, I thought it was a complete waste of time. I had been taking classes for a couple of years and had just found the instructor I later came to see as my first “real” yoga teacher. One day she announced to the class, “Today we’re going to do some pranayama.” Huh? I thought. What’s that? Prana—what?

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Basic Pranayama Techniques

Original article in Yoga Journal, written by Tony Briggs.

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