The Poor Are Expendable So Reporters Should Not Talk About Them

image credit: Svilen Milev

Wisconsin Senator Eric Hovde (R) believes the press should stop focusing on the way people are struggling through the recession and instead focus on more general things like the country’s debt and other problems. Egberto Willies thinks that’s a problem, and here’s why:

I came across the story in the Huffington Post titled “Eric Hovde, GOP Senate Candidate: Press Should Stop Writing Sob Stories About Poor People”. I watched all the major news stations throughout the day and never once did even a blip of this story make it in the national realm.

One might ask why should one worry about the comments from a US Senate Candidate from Wisconsin on a national level. The answer is simple.

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Original article written by Egberto Willies and posted on on June 19, 2012.

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