More Answers to Your Questions About the Health Care Law

image credit: Paul Barker

It has taken 100 years to get universal health coverage in the US. (The first president to try to get health care passed was Teddy Roosevelt, in 1912.) Now that we have a new health care law, we also have a lot of questions. NPR gathered a few answers from its audience to help us all understand things a little better. 

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld almost all of the Affordable Care Act, many Americans are scrambling to remember — or learn for the first time – what’s in the law and how it works.

We asked for questions from our audiences online and on air. Here’s are some, edited for clarity and length, and the answers:

Q: Will the penalty for not having health insurance affect people at all income levels, or will low-income people be spared?

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Original article posted July 6, 2012 on NPR by Julie Rovner.

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