Where in the world can you get universal health care?

There were a lot of Facebook posts that joked about Republican flight to Canada now that Obama’s health care plan has passed. Canadians, of course, enjoy a universal health care system. In fact, there are about 50 countries worldwide that have something close to universal health care. 

(CNN) — The U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care legislation Thursday in a narrow 5-4 ruling that Obama says will provide up to 30 million additional Americans with health care.

America doesn’t have universal health care coverage — what the World Health Organization (WHO) calls “a widely shared political aim of most countries” — but neither do most other countries.

Nearly 50 countries have attained universal or near-universal health coverage by 2008, according to the International Labor Organization. Several well-known examples exist like the UK, which has the National Health Service, and the Canadian public health care system.

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Original article posted on CNN Web site on June 29, 2012, written by Madison Park.


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