The Healing of Congo

image credit: Leonardo Barbosa

Congo is one the richest, most beautiful areas in the world. These days it is facing threats at multiple levels all of which affect not only the people there, but all of us.

Today I received the following letter from my dear friend, Cynthia Jurs. For the last two decades she has traveled all over the world on a mission of peace and healing where it is needed the most, including Liberia, Los Alamos, Hiroshima, Israel/Palestine, New York City, Colombia, and many sacred sites as well. Each place she goes she ceremonially buries an Earth Treasure Vase according to the instructions given her by a 106-year-old lama in a cave in Nepal. Yes, it sounds like a New Age cliche, but that’s what happened.

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Original article posted in OdeWire July 5, 2012 and written by Charles Eisenstein.


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