It’s Never Gonna End—Enduring & Finding Softness

image credit: Alvimann

If there are certain yoga poses you just dread, read this post on how we can choose to suffer or how we can choose to find space despite the suffering.

As I drove to teach class this morning, I came up behind a woman on a bike with stuffed front and back panniers, and a sleeping pad and tent rolled up on the back. I could tell by the woman’s tan and the grime on her panniers that she had been out on the road for some time.

Seeing her, I was immediately reminded of how 12 years ago my then boyfriend and I had set out on the 76, a cross-country bike route. I remembered how my loaded-down bike weighed over 50 pounds.

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Original article posted in grace & grit August 21, 2012 and written by Jay.

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