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This is Your Life

  This is your LIFE. Do what you love, and do it often. It you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop they will be waiting for you when you […]

As Colorado River Dries Up, The West Feels The Pain

Listen to the story about the Colorado River, a water source which many people in the country rely on for both water and electricity. Learn why its drying up and what’s being done to protect it.  The Colorado River touches the lives of Americans coast to coast. The river begins in the Rocky Mountains and […]

When Worlds Collide | High-Tech Yoga

“What kind of crazy company,” a friend emailed me, “pays for yoga classes for their employees and then insists on their right to get the least possible benefit from them?!” And it does seem ludicrous, both what we’ve been hearing about Facebook’s employee-coddling culture, and the image of a student reaching down from ardha chandrasana […]

Mindful Speech & Elocution in Buddhist Tradition.

The intention behind what you say gets communicated as much as the words that you say. In this short piece, Waylon Lewis reminds us of 6 simple rules that make up Mindful Speech. 1. Speak Slowly 2. Enunciate Clearly 3. Listen to yourself. 4. Listen to Others 5. Regard Silence as a Part of Speech […]

Breaking the Sugar Habit | 4 Simple Strategies

It’s hard not to love the taste of sugar. Not only is it in just about everything, our bodies, on some level, need it. Most of us, however, tend to like it a little too much. Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead of your sugar craving. One of the most common issues […]

Designing for Generosity

Could practicing generosity change you? Your community? The world? This video explores the possibilities of Giftivism, the act of radical generosity. What would the world look like if we designed for generosity? Instead of assuming that people want to simply maximize self-interest, what if our institutions and organizations catered to our deeper motivations? This compelling […]

How To Be Happy | The Fine Print

For me, “happiness” has always seemed both impossible and like a cartoon idea of an emotion–a made up thing that few people ever actually were. But in a recent study about achieving happiness, scientists discovered how you feel about what you’re doing is what makes happiness something anyone can grasp.  Most of us want to […]

How Outsiders Can Become Allies

Elon James White breaks down what it means to be an Ally for marginalized groups–without putting your foot in your mouth. When I raised the racial issues I saw in the Occupy Movement, I was barraged by accusations of being divisive. We have to work together, my critics said. Identity politics is bad, they tweeted. It’s not […]

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (CCMS) began its work in the early 90s with the intention of “reflecting on the contemplative traditions as powerful techniques that have potential for beneficial change in American society.” In other words, CCMS was one of the first organizations to understand the great impact that inner change could have […]

Anticipation & Preparation

The month of August has been an interesting time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the month of September and all that it holds. The month began with exciting news about MindfulVOTES. Transformative Change, the national movement-building segment of our work will be anchoring this campaign. Its goal is to “galvanize the […]

Apanasana | Knees Towards Chest

In my daily life, I often find that I am rushing from one thing to the next. Rushing to get to work in the morning, rushing to eat my lunch, rushing to get to an appointment. I could very easily also rush to get to my yoga practice and rush all the way through it […]

september 2012

  Pushing Back | Women Workers Speak Out on Trade Working to improve the working conditions in South America, Central America, and Asia, the International Labor Movement is partnering with working people around the world. The AFL-CIO is addressing labor law reform, filing international claims for failure to respect labor provisions of trade and preference […]