Anticipation & Preparation

image credit: Alvimann

The month of August has been an interesting time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the month of September and all that it holds.

The month began with exciting news about MindfulVOTES. Transformative Change, the national movement-building segment of our work will be anchoring this campaign. Its goal is to “galvanize the mindfulness community—regardless of tradition, practice or political spectrum—to bring our shared values of love, compassion and inclusivity to the 2012 voting process.” Four members from our Transformative Change family will be volunteering at both the RNC and DNC this political season. Bringing an anchor team of people of color to the conventions changes the way practices of mindfulness and embodiment are represented in this important and highly visible venue.

While MindfulVOTES will keep us busy on a national level, Our NewDharma Community will begin this year’s 27 Days of Change Fall Practice Period. Our Practice Leader has spent the majority of August preparing all of the necessary information to guide participants toward a higher level of personal transformation. For 27 days in September, activists, allies & agents of social change will enhance their daily inner practice in the midst of their very busy lives.

The 6-point, 360-degree personal change program helps to examine one’s relationship to self, community and the world. During the Practice Period, the Center will also explore a new weekly practice schedule. We want our offerings of fearlessMeditation, 3|One and fearlessYOGA to be more accessible to the activist community here in the Bay Area. Starting the week of September 10th, evening meditation will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Morning practice will remain on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Here at our physical space in the Bay Area, we are anxiously anticipating CXC’s 5 Year Anniversary. The Center for Transformative Change is looking forward to sharing memories, current events and future plans with our extended CXC family, friends and allies. On September 22nd we are planning a beautiful program for you to enjoy. We are looking forward to sharing this space with the transformative social change community for many years to come.

As we continue our work on a national, community and center level, we will continue to meet each challenge, milestone and opportunity with anticipation and preparation rooted in transformative practice. Join us this month at the Center.


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