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Striking WGA members in on Nov. 7, 2007
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Pushing Back | Women Workers Speak Out on Trade

Working to improve the working conditions in South America, Central America, and Asia, the International Labor Movement is partnering with working people around the world. The AFL-CIO is addressing labor law reform, filing international claims for failure to respect labor provisions of trade and preference agreements and negotiating for stronger labor language in trade agreements. This video features women workers speaking out on trade in Central America.


America’s Last Hope | A Strong Labor Movement

As the US labor movement fights for democracy in the workplace, the fate of US democracy may very well depend on the outcome of this battle. For more in-depth reading, check out this article, third in a multi-part series, on


Obama, Romney & the Low-Wage Future of America

More jobs! We need more jobs! This thought provoking article focuses on recent scholarship on the subject. Discover how much more there is to talk about than simply creating more jobs.


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