When Worlds Collide | High-Tech Yoga

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“What kind of crazy company,” a friend emailed me, “pays for yoga classes for their employees and then insists on their right to get the least possible benefit from them?!”

And it does seem ludicrous, both what we’ve been hearing about Facebook’s employee-coddling culture, and the image of a student reaching down from ardha chandrasana (half moon pose), a fairly challenging balance position, to punch in a text. This says so much about our current culture that I look forward to seeing it depicted on a New Yorker cover sometime soon.

Both the yoga community and my colleagues and students at Pixar, where I’ve been the company yoga teacher and provided wellness support for the past 17 years, have been abuzz with the story of a Facebook yoga instructor fired for insisting that this student turn off her cell phone during class.

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Original article written by Sandy Blaine posted on the Huffington Post, July 17, 2012. 

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