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If you’re looking for another way to raise funds, the Combined Federal Campaign might offer an option you hadn’t considered.  As is true of most campaigns, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money. However, receiving funds is such a “no-brainer” that trying is probably worth it. 

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) guru Bill Huddleston tells how nonprofits can raise money from federal employees in just eight great points:

1. Why should I bother to read this article about the Combined Federal Campaign?

  • Because it’s easy to register the first time, and after that it’s really easy to renew your registration
  • Because if it were a foundation it would be the 10th largest foundation in the United States
  • Because your small local nonprofit can raise reliable unrestricted money . . . CFC doesn’t work only for large or well-known organizations
  • Because in terms of time to dollars it’s one of the most leveraged fundraising vehicles.

Original article on Blue Avocado and posted October 16, 2010 by Bill Huddleston.

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