newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

With the election weeks away, many people are attached to the outcome. This dharma talk, originally published last fall, is a good reminder for us all to give our best effort toward the campaign and then let go of our attachment to the results. 

“We run out into the world wanting to fix things with no sense of the need to release the outcomes, so that the outcomes can reveal themselves, so that the fruit of our labor can reveal itself. It’s the tragedy, really, of our social change sensibilities and our progressive sensibilities. Because, just like in formal practice, if you have nothing but effort, nothing but practice, nothing but pushing, nothing but applying yourself, the grasping ego that compels you gets all the room–the grasping ego that is driving you toward accomplishment, that’s driving you toward, I’m going to be a good meditator; I’m going to be a good yogi, is getting center stage. And there’s no room for the antidote of non-attachment to also come up and feed into the system–into, frankly, this insidious way of releasing outcomes–thereby keeping the force, the attachment to force, in check, in balance.”

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