B. Loewe | An End to Self Care

Is the focus on self care driving us away from community care? Or not? B. Loewe’s article, which calls for the end of self care as a means towards collective change, gives us all something to think about.

I’m going to say it. I want to see an end to “self-care.” Can we put a nail in self-care’s coffin and instead birth a newer discussion of community care?

As I most often hear it, self-care stands as an importation of middle-class values of leisure that’s blind to the dynamics of working class (or even family) life, inherently rejects collective responsibility for each other’s well-being, misses power dynamics in our lives, and attempts to serve as a replacement for a politics and practice of desire that could actually ignite our hearts with a fuel to work endlessly.

Talking about how we sustain ourselves, honor our personal needs, and prioritize our well-being in this brusque and brutal world is a huge advance from movement culture generations before.

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Original article written by B. Loewe, posted on Organizing Upgrade October 15, 2012.


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