newDharma Talk | The Gift of Fearlessness

Practice is about changing what we do in order to become who we are. Often, we start with boundless enthusiasm and optimism for our unfolding self, but as we run into snags we fall into old patterns. Here are a few ways we can remember to give to ourselves so that we can truly become who we are meant to be.

“You ever hold back in a relationship? It falls apart and you think, ‘There was just that little bit that I was holding back.’ Or you decide you want to accomplish something, and your fear of actually getting what you want had you hold back just that little bit, and you watch it disappear from your grasp.

Some Teachers might think that’s okay. But I think it sucks. I don’t think it sucks that you missed out on what you wanted; I think it sucks that you have the regret that you knew you could’ve given more, because you knew you held back. That’s the only thing that ever sucks, when you have to live with the awareness that you didn’t show up for yourself. But if you did, and if you do–and after today I expect that all of you will–you have nothing to fear, and you will truly be a giver of fearlessness.”




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