Post-Election Self-Care | A Reminder of Its Benefits

Regardless of our level of involvement in the presidential election, we’ve most likely found our attention being pulled outside of ourselves in both enlivening and exhausting ways. After the pre-recorded phone messages have come to a stop and we’ve had a chance to feel and voice our opinion about the results, it’s time to take a deep breath and bring some self-care back into our daily life. In so doing, we can reexamine where we want to focus our attention and what feels most important to us, as well as reconnecting with the many benefits of self-care.

Along with feeling better and having more energy, when we engage in self-care, we often find that we can extend more compassion to ourselves and toward others.

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Original article written by Karen Hornefferginter, Ph.D. for Huffington Post and posted November 7, 2012. 


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