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November is always an interesting time of year. We turn the clocks back, vote for local, state, and national officials, share Thanksgiving with loved ones, and begin the challenging task of closing the year out.

This November is filled with all types of events and activities here at the Center. Starting at the beginning of the month, we have our two monthly offerings, fearlessMeditation I and our Sunday program.

The first Tuesday of this month only happens every four years, Election Day! CXC, along with the MindfulVOTES community, hosted an election watch party. The Center has served as the host for all of the MindfulVOTES viewings and events. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed their time, money, and resources to MindfulVOTES. Your generosity has made all the difference.

From November 15th until the end of the month, The Center will be having a Public Talk with angel Kyodo williams, a Mindful Relationship Workshop with Ruth King, our fearlessYOGA Essentials Class, and our monthly Well-Being Ceremony. The topic for this month’s Public Talk is moving forward.

The Center is so excited to be hosting Ruth King in a workshop as we “discover together how to soften those inner-places that harden in difficult times as we cultivate qualities of mindfulness and compassion in our relationships to ourselves, others, and the world.” On November 25th CXC will be holding its fearlessYOGA Essentials Class from 10am-4pm. This class is designed for teachers and social justice practitioners. All other Sundays in November we will be holding our fearlessYOGA drop-in class at 12pm. Thursday, November 29th is our Well-Being Ceremony. The Well-Being Ceremony brings the energy of the community together to call the names of those individuals who are in need of extra support. Bring the names of your loved ones and join us on the 29th.

December is sure to be filled with a number of activities at The Center, including our fearlessMeditation I & II classes, our two day urbanRetreat and 27 Days of Change Winter Practice Period. As 2012 comes to a close we are looking forward to continuing serving as a teaching, training, ceremony, and practice space here in the Bay Area.We are looking forward to seeing you at CXC.


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