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Praxis and Community Science have started a new fellowship program for leaders in the food justice community. They aim to strengthen leadership and learning for food policy advocates in order to support people in low-income communities and communities of color. Their first fellowships have already been granted.

In an effort to amplify grassroots voice in food policy of communities across the country, the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation in partnership with The Praxis Project and Community Science have launched the EAT4Health (Everybody at the Table for Health)Initiative—a fellowship program to cultivate the already burgeoning movement of food policy advocacy in low-income and communities of color.

Eat4Health is a new national leadership development initiative that aims cultivate a new generation of food policy advocates by building and leveraging the strengths of grassroots organizations alongside the expertise of DC-based national advocacy organizations. By building the leadership of grassroots advocates, the initiative aims to foster a more informed, equitable and powerful policy advocacy process resulting in federal food policy that promotes well-being for historically disfranchised communities.

“Our goal is to bring about better food and farm policy by supporting community-based leaders who will help bridge the gap between grass-roots community organizing and national advocacy,” says Kolu Zigbi, Noyes Foundation Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and creator of the fellowship program, also known as EAT4Health.

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Original post from the Praxis Project blog, posted October 23, 2012 by Kenyon.

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