2012 Year in Review

2012 has been an exciting year for The Center for Transformative Change.

We began this year the same way we will begin the next, with our annual New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony & Meditation. We celebrated as a community, releasing the past year and enjoying the possibilities of the next, surrounded by our extended CXC family.

image credit: zochi

In February and April, the staff here in the San Francisco Bay area, and a group of students in New York City, participated in 3|One Basics workshop. This introductory course supports activists and change agents in maintaining greater balance in life, work, and relationships. Developed from the martial art form of jo kata used in aikido, 3|One uses a wooden staff and core principles of alignment, breath and centering to help embody the fundamental skills and practices that are necessary for more effective leadership, collaboration, and team-building.

Staff development trainings and intensives were held throughout the year, as well as regular internal productivity workshops with CXC Founder, angel Kyodo williams. As a result, CXC staff have continued to increase efficiency levels while expanding their awareness of Leadership Embodiment, budgeting, and project management.


May was our preview month here at CXC. There were a number of events held during this month including workshops, concerts, poetry readings and trainings. Reinforcing the importance of providing a sharing space for the change agent community.



This year, four staff members (angel Kyodo williams, chandrashekara thuy tran, Zochi Alonzo Young, and Karen Muktayani “Muki” Villanueva) attended the Republican and Democratic National conventions as volunteers for Huffington Post’s Oasis project. In partnership with YogaVOTES, the CXC staff members launched a separate campaign during the conventions to engage the mindful community during the election season. MindfulVOTES aimed to inform, unite, engage and empower mindful communities from all across the country to take a more active role in the political process.


In the months leading up to the election CXC staff and volunteers continued encouraging mindful communities to engage in the presidential election in a mindful way by saying YES!!! SAY YES! Further engaged mindful voters to embrace mindfulness as an approach to life and to come together to affirm the value of mindfulness in politics. We are so grateful to the many individuals that gave their time, resources and energy to provide a voice to this very important effort.



We are closing out 2012 with two of our signature change programs.  27 Days of Change | Practice Period began on December 4th and will conclude on the 30th. Virtual and local participation options help practitioners to reach a higher level of commitment toward personal transformation.  This year’s closing ceremony will coincide with a New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony and Meditation. We are looking forward to the year ahead and we hope you will take time in 2013 to visit us here at The Center and we hope you enjoy this holiday season.

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