Cool Sites for Cash

image credit: K. Connors

Here are a few sites that offer more than just ideas and articles, but give tips for a how a nonprofit can raise a little dough–and there’s even one specifically for grantmakers.  

Blue Avocado

Blue Avocado is a tad more than just a financial site, they also talk about a slew of things that concern nonprofits: hiring, firing, boards, meetings and more. AND their financial advice is right from the horse’s mouth, written by folks who have been there. If you find you really dig them, you can subscribe for free.


Grassroots Fundraising 

Grassroots Fundraising has been around since 1996. In their own words they “provide training, resources and analysis to strengthen organizations, with an emphasis on those focused on social justice and based in communities of color.” They also train you how to fundraise and offer free tips on their site.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the granddaddy site for the nonprofit world. They have a ton of info on grants, on fundraising, they have ideas for raising money, they have Webinars and discussions on fundraising as well as articles and information on nonprofits in general. It’s one of my favorite spots to find useful articles on grantmaking.


GEO | Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

This site is for grantmakers, not grantees. It offers ways that grantmakers can help make the work of their grantees more effective. In a nutshell GEO “helps grantmakers improve practices in areas which, through years of work in philanthropy, have been identified by innovators in the field as critical to nonprofit success.” Learn more about them and download their latest publication Learn & Let Learn.



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