In Our Hands

Obviously as social change agents, activists are well aware of the power society holds. In that case, may these pieces inspire, inform, or incite you to approach the making of change differently. 


Why I Vote: Community Action Begins at the Ballot

Folks hold voting in many different ways. I know of a staunch activist who was calling for folks not to vote this year. There were, as always, those who registered folks and advocated for change. No matter how you view it, voting is part of how we speak our mind, voice our opinion, get heard. I say, work it ’til we come up with a better way. This article talks gives one woman’s opinion on why.


Annie Leonard | The Story of Change 

In the latest video from the Story of Stuff Project, Annie Leonard breaks down what it means to be green and talks about why we should all be doing much, much more to make great shifts in the environment.


How to Create a Multi-Level Movement for Climate Justice 

Taking a look back at Bayard Rustin’s strategies for a powerful and effective Civil Rights Movement, author George Lakey offers ideas on how the ’50s might offer some insight for the eco-justice movement of today.


Break Out of Your Class Bubble, Get Training & Win!

In order to make change you have to be the change. I’m sure you’ve heard that line before. This piece encourages activists of various stripes to get out of their comfort zones in order to diversify and strength the Social Change Movement.


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