Is Occupy Still Happening?

image credit: Pablo GV

It seems pretty quiet out there, no news cameras have been following any stories about Occupy. But that’s the way things started out, remember? The revolution wasn’t televised. And the Occupy Movement is still quietly happening. Anticipate a General Strike May 1, 2013. Have a look at what’s been going on with occupying Wal-Mart. Check out the links below for more of what’s been happening and will be happening––and for some thoughts on the “decline” of OWS.

Anniversary | Can the Movement Regain Momentum?

Will Occupy regain the energy it once had or does it need to change its strategy?


A Eulogy for #Occupy

A writer looks back on a year of the Occupy Movement and talks about what she experienced, what she saw, and what she learned from her participation.


Occupy Together

Learn about how you can add your voice to Occupy and find out the latest information on things like Occupy Sandy Recovery and the Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee. Connect to Occupy Sandy directly here.



Become a part of Occupy’s movement to take back the homes of the foreclosed. On this site you can also link to ally sites in Missouri, Chicago, New York, Minnesota, Colorado, and so on.

Occupy Wall Street

Connect to OWS in NYC and everywhere else.


Occupy Los Angeles

Connect to the Occupy Movement on the Left Coast.





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