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This year for our activists, allies & agents section, we’re including resources for leadership as well as our stories from 2012.

Leaders from 2012

Claude AnShin Thomas | The Art of Nonviolence 

Victor Lewis | The Mysteries of Radical Wisdom, Healing, Justice & Resilience

Eveline Shen | Reclaiming Our Bodies, Ourselves

Stacy Kono | Leading Heart First

Gibrán Rivera | Ancestors in Training

Marianne Manilov | Beyond the Social Network, Engaging Community

Aqeela Sherrills | Beholding, an Act of Deep Love

Ai-Jen Poo | Domestic Workers & Finding Balance Through the Lens of Love

Mirabai Bush | The Work of Compassionate Action

Mike Edwards | Tools for Unraveling the Emperor’s New Clothes

Todd Paglia | Speaking for the Trees

image credit: Angela Lola

Resources for Leadership

Spirit in Action | Leadership Development

Founded by Linda Stout, Spirit in Action offers resources for leaders and for communities who are open to making changes, both wide and deep. Their leadership development provides training for those who are ready to take a long hard look at themselves in order to learn how they can begin to show up differently and thus make more effective change.


Movement Strategy Center | Dare to Change

This is Movement Strategy Center’s latest report and it’s focused on environment justice leadership, “[challenging] environmental justice leaders to take a bold, proactive and united stance for what [they] really need and want…Dare to Change explores the unique leadership that environmental justice movement brings to this moment and five strategic questions to help the movement generate the synergy, alignment and momentum needed to move to the next level.” Download the PDF here. 


RoadMap | Resources Library

Searching for resources on leadership, I ran across RoadMap. It includes a resource library that covers capacity building, leadership development, leadership transition, community organizing, civic engagement, racial equity and more. As an organization Roadmap’s focus is to support organizations in creating change. Learn more about RoadMap here. 


Leadership for Social Justice | Capacity-Building Resource Manual

This PDF was developed by leaders from several social justice organizations and it’s geared toward the development of new leaders. Those who would make best use of the exercises and handouts in the manual are those planning on facilitating workshops and training events.


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