Self-Care & Activism | Suggestions for Alleviating Burnout

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Inspired by an article we recently included in transform., “An End to Self Care” by B. Loewe, I started searching for resources on self-care. I found a ton of sites, articles, and tactics for ending burnout. Not all of the ones listed here are specifically for activists, some require certain steps be taken, others ask you to reassess your patterns, reconnect with your community, and, of course, to reconnect with yourself. All of them are promising ways to escape the burnout rut.


Self-Care Starter Kit

This site, from the Buffalo School of Social Work, gives you just about everything you need to begin planning tactics for self-care. It’s extensive. One link, for instance, provides information on how to develop a support system, what the values are in having a support system, and what a support system includes.


Self-Care, Activism & Sustainability

Included here is a list of helpful books, articles, and Websites about reconnection and self-care, some listed include links, others don’t. Be sure to check out the site’s Facebook page as well, which “makes connections between self-care & planet-care, inner work & outer work, individual change & social change.”


Angry Black-White Girl | Self-Care & Activist Burnout

You Don’t Have to Go to Every Rally | Self-Care & Activist Burnout

Here are a couple articles with some honest perspectives on activist burnout from activists themselves.


The Lifelong Activist

Connect with Hillary Rettig, who’s written, The Lifelong Activist, a book on self-care for activists. You can read her articles, her blog, and read the book online by following the link.


Workshop | Self-Care for Activists

A group in Boston called Social Justice held a workshop this past September on self-care for activists. I’m including this link hoping that other workshops may follow. In the meantime, you can also look for more by signing up for their meetup group.




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