How Do You Stand? Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Knee Pain

image credit: Adam Ciesielski

image credit: Adam Ciesielski

If you have knee pain, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for it (e.g., you didn’t play football in high school), it may be from something you hadn’t counted on and at least some of the solution could be in something called prasarita lunges.

A student of mine started yoga classes about six months ago with knee pain—meniscus issues in one knee and pain and mobility issues from lower thigh to just below the knee on the inside of both legs—but there had never been any injury. He also had massive external rotation and foot supination (rolling of the foot towards it’s outside edge) when standing. We started with simply trying to find a new ‘normal’ in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). As his body awareness increased, his foot position changed drastically, and in turn, so did his posture.

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Original article posted in YOGANONYMOUS on Jan 14, 2013 and written by Heidi Broecking.

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