Welcome | january 2013

Hard to believe, but we are already firmly in 2013. In the US, one of the most watched events of the month is the re-inauguration of President Barack Obama. This issue puts focus on the 44th Commander-In-Chief with a retrospective on previous transform articles related to him, as well as resources to revisit the victory of 2012. If you hadn’t seen or read his victory speech, called “poignant and persuasive,” it’s a study in humility, gratitude and power…and worth your time.

This month of course brought in the New Year of the roman calendar, and we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  alongside the Presidential Inauguration (with lots of balls,) (January 21) National Service Day (January 19), the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday  (many Muslim countries – January 24 and 29th, depending on school), Jose Marti’s Birthday (Cuba – January 28th)

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