Why Health Officials Want You to Eat More Potassium

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High blood pressure is one health risk that is notorious within the black community. Diet and exercise and managing stress are the three things that come to mind when it comes to dealing with it. A recent study says that potassium (found in beans, baked potatoes, dark leafy greens, etc.) can be key in lowering high blood pressure.

It’s a real bummer to be told to eat less of something. Especially when it’s salt, the ubiquitous ingredient that seems to make everything taste a little better.

So I won’t waste too much of your time telling you that — once again — health authorities are urging us to cut back on sodium. The World Health Organization’s latest guidance recommends no more than 2,000 milligrams per day, which is a lot less than the 3,300 milligrams the typical American consumes. (Not to mention children in the U.S.)

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Original article on NPR’s blog written by  Allison Aubrey and posted February 5, 2013.

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